Second to no other technical achievement, the wheel and its subsequent modifications have greatly influenced the development of modern industrial societies.
The invention of the wheel was so ingenious because past cultures had no other example on which to draw. The use of the wheel was unknown to entire continents. Even in Europe, the eight spoked wheel only came into use in the 16th century. Physically, the wheel is so simple... it’s ingenious. Applied energy is transferred into a periodic movement, which can be further harnessed to accomplish other tasks. On one hand the wheel can be used to produce energy with the use of a turbine... on the other hand, it can be used to produce components, such as on a lathe, or to move loads.
Wheels are used to power ships, they enable satellites to go into orbit, they allow motors to revolve, vehicles to transport, and machines to be productive. Today’s modern communication systems would not be possible without the wheel. And, electrical energy has even begun by a paddle wheel revolving. Eventually everything around the wheel is put into motion.

Established in 1987, Mr. Roller is a leading manufacturer of quality casters for industrial applications. We are a third generation family owned business that keeps on the cutting edge of manufacturing technology. We design and manufacture our products directly on the premises. We carry a a broad range and a large inventory of casters and wheels because we know that timely delivery is crucial.

Mr. Roller products are being used by many of North America's leading corporations. Nothing is too big or too small.

Our objectives are to guarantee the supply of quality products with extraordinary service. Our unwavering commitment to you is to deliver the best values, bar none. To accomplish this, we consider quality first and foremost in our operations with a constant view to innovation. At Mr. Roller, our business starts and ends with our customers.

Mr. Roller services all of North America through a network of competent distributors. On-time delivery is assured through a large inventory of readily available products, in Montreal and Toronto. Our sales personnel make sure that the client's needs are met in every respect.

We are extremely pleased to announce the completion of our latest expansion. Come and visit our facilities and join a winning team.


The design, production and test equipment of each of the companies we represent is at the higest standards all ISO certified for quality assurance.
Mr Roller offers two fully stocked distribution centers in Toronto and Montreal, which is also the manufacturing plant. They are stategically located to assure prompt deliveries in Canada and the USA. In recent years Mr Roller has specialzed in the design and production of medium heavy duty to the zero tolerance® casters and heavy duty stainless steel.
Mr. Roller demonstrates this development with the introduction of many new items. In view of our wide range of casters and wheels offered by Mr Roller the various caster types have been grouped together. Advise from our sales staff is available should any difficulty arise. For a complete list of our stocking distributers from coast to coast please call us, join our team and be in the leading edge of the caster industry and be with an experienced partner for the lowest cost in use.
The electronically controlled caster and wheel test machine is for both continuous production sampling and new product approval. The machine can verify caster and wheel performance at different speeds over various obstacles and has the capability of testing up to 3 tonnes load rating.
For swivel and fixed brackets which are manufactured in welded steel construction.
CNC- controlled turning machines.
TOPTHANE® Fabrication
Polyurethane with registered trademark “TOPTHANE®”
Most efficient fabrication by means of rotary tables. High fabrication control (quality assurance).
Our partner suppliers injection molding department use up to date technologies with multicavity molds which optimize production output.
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