MR. ROLLER, INC. shall remain absolute owner of the goods referred to on this invoice at the risk of the Customer until payment of the purchase price and taxes.

Unless other terms are mentioned on this invoice, customer shall pay the full purchase price within thirty (30) days of delivery. Interest at 18% per annum, calculated from the date of delivery shall be charged on any balance outstanding. Customer shall pay an administration fee of 20% of the balance owing on this invoice if legal proceedings are instituted to collect same. MR. ROLLER INC. shall be entitled to refuse to deliver further goods to the Customer in the event the Customer fails to make any payment when due.

Customer's prompt inspection of the goods on receipt of the goods is an essential term of this agreement. Customer shall inspect all goods and notify MR. ROLLER INC. in writing within (5) days of delivery, of any defect, shortage or other claim, failing which Customer shall not have any claim against MR. ROLLER INC. Defective goods shall be returned and replaced within a reasonable time or at MR. ROLLER INC.'s option an appropriate credit shall be issued.

The goods are intended for a specific purpose. MR. ROLLER INC. shall not be responsible for any damage or injury caused by use for another purpose. Where goods are intended for another purpose, Customer shall notify MR. ROLLER INC. in writing, prior to such use and receive the written consent of MR. ROLLER INC. for such use, failing which the sale shall be without any warranty of quality whatsoever. In no case shall MR. ROLLER INC. be responsible for misuse or misapplication of the goods or failure to properly maintain or inspect the goods.

MR. ROLLER INC. shall not be responsible for any damage or injury caused by the goods and the Customer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless MR. ROLLER INC. for any damages caused by the goods.

All prices and specifications for goods are subject to change by MR. ROLLER INC. at it's discretion and without any notice of any kind.

The present sale shall be governed by the law of Quebec. Legal actions concerning this sale shall be taken before a court in the district of Montreal, Quebec.

6 month period against manufacturing and or material defects from date of delivery.

Items returned in new and unused condition no later than 30 days from the receipt of goods will be subject to a 25% restocking fee. Original cost of shipping the items to the customer is non-refundable. Cost of shipping the returned items(s) is the responsibility of the customer and is non-refundable. A "RETURNED GOODS AUTHORIZATION" (RGA) is required prior to the return of any item(s). Custom made casters with brakes, directional locks, special height, special top plates, etc. cannot be returned.

Upon ordering, delivery / lead time will be confirmed by Mr. Roller.

These standard conditions of sale together with any other terms of Mister Roller Inc. specifically referenced on the company’s published documentation to be found on its website, emails, catalogues, invoices and packing slips constitutes the entire agreement between Mister Roller Inc. and customer with respect to the matters mentioned in this invoice and supersede all oral or written representations, terms or conditions in relation thereto. These terms and conditions may only be modified by a written agreement executed by Mister Roller Inc. and the customer.